About The Game Of Life

About The Game Of Life

Hey there! WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU ARE HERE. We are Steph, Harry, Freddy and Frankie, the Creators of The Game Of Life. We are a young family doing our best to value and live our one wild and precious life to the absolute fullest.  

We have made it our mission to inspire treading through life with:

Love in your heart,
Eyes opened by Experience
Adventure in your step,
And the magical feeling of everyday Fun

We wanted to create a platform that inspires, empowers and gives people a sense of progress for collecting memories.  From small everyday memories in the backyard to big memories near and far, our mission was to create an extensive collection of ideas to turn into real world memories with the people you love. We don’t promote mindless scrolling but instead promote cherishing the life you have, encouraging people to try new things, explore new places, embracing the opportunities for everyday fun and spending the precious time you have on this earth with the people you love. We want to spread a message that opens peoples eyes to where the real value lies, that the things in life that matter aren't things at all, but in the memories spent truly living life. 

And so began The Game Of Life  & TGO.LIFE App. A place created to inspire you to enrich your life with Love, Experience, Adventure and Fun. A community to remind you to value your time over anything else and to spend it on what truly matters. 

We hope The Game Of Life  & TGO.LIFE App serves you to create lifelong memories, encourages you to cherish all your special everyday moments and inspires you to value what's truly important in your life. 

Big Hugs, The Game Of Life Fam x

Our App Is Coming Soon

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